Altun Ha

The ruins of Altun-Ha are famous for many reasons. Here they found a Jade Head, the largest carved jade object in the whole Maya area, representing the Sun God, Kinich Ahau. This find was uncovered by David Pendergast of the Royal Ontario Museum in 1986. It is the national symbol of Belize, which you can see cornered on every Belize bank-note in circulation. Altun-Ha was a major Ceremonial Center in the Classic Period (250-900 AD) and functioned as a vital Trading Centre linking the Caribbean shores with other Maya centers in the interior. Altun-Ha is Mayan for "Rock Stone Water".

Your tour begins when you are picked up by boat at your dock at 8:30am and taken on a scenic ride around the southern tip of the island. After a little more than a half an hour, you arrive at the mainland at the mouth of the North River. Here you tour by boat up the river for about an hour until reaching the small Belizean village of Bomba. Once at Bomba you board a bus and travel about 30 minutes south through the jungle to Altun-Ha. After a guided tour, about an hour and a half, you are taken to the Maruba Jungle Resort. Here you can enjoy lunch in the open restaurant then indulge in a cool swim in the resort swimming pool or scenic horseback ride. You will return home before sunset.

The tour includes transportation, guided tour of the ruins, beverages, horseback riding and the chance to swim at the resort swimming pool. Lunch is not included. There is a $10.00US park fee at the Altun-Ha site and a minimum of 6 passengers required.


Located on the New River Lagoon, this is one of Belize's largest Ceremonial Centres. It displays the more exotic features of ancient Mayan art and architecture. Lamanai had one of the longest occupation spans, dating from 1500 BC to the 19th century, which includes the contact period with the Spaniards. Historical occupation is represented in the remains of two Christian churches and a sugar mill. Lamanai is Mayan for "Submerged Crocodile". The site is the largest yet discovered in the Mundo Maya. The entire site covers 950 acres with the main site 1/2 mile (1.5 km) square and is the third highest temple in Belize at 125 feet high (38 m). It is the only Mayan site in all of Belize that has a museum.

The tour begins when you are picked up at 7:00am by boat at your dock. Then there is a little more than a half an hour boat ride around the southern tip of the island to the mouth of the North River on the mainland. You will tour by boat down the river less than an hour until reaching the Belizean village of Bomba where you board a bus that will take you north to the fork of the New River Lagoon at Carmelita. This bus ride is scenic, with your tour guide pointing out interesting sites along the way for about an hour. Boarding another boat you will travel for an hour and a bit south to the Lamanai site, sightseeing everything from bats and unique birds to rare orchids and maybe even a crocodile. Arriving at Lamanai about noon, you will enjoy lunch, which is included, then continue on a guided tour. First you'll learn about the history of the Maya at the primitive museum, then spend a few hours with your tour guide hiking and climbing the ruins. Be sure to bring something long-sleeved as you will be returning just after sunset.

Tour includes transportation, guided tour of the ruin site, beverages and lunch. There is a $10.00US park fee at the Lamanai site and a minimum of 6 passengers required.

River Cave Tubing and Belize Zoo Adventure

This wonderful day begins as you make your way towards the mainland and up the Old Belize River. Once in the river, you will be served a light breakfast while you encounter wildlife such as crocodiles, iguanas and howler monkeys. At Manatee Lookout, you board a private bus with your guide, who will take you to Jaguar Paw.

At Jaguar Paw the guide takes you along a jungle path up to the caves. Then it is time to put on your head lamps and to splash into the cool water in individual inner tubes and float your way through cave systems where the maya people once worshipped among the limestone and crystal formations.

Once back at Jaguar Paw you can change into dry cloths and enjoy lunch. Next it is on to the famous Belize Zoo, not your average zoo and well worth the trip. Finally it's back to the swift boat for the ride back to San Pedro.

Includes: Breakfast, lunch, beer, sodas, rum punch and snacks. This adventure departs at 7:00 am and returns at approximately 5:30 pm

Note: this trip can also be done with either a Horseback riding at Banana Bank Lodge or the Jungle Zip Line adventure, instead of the Belize Zoo option.